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Child/Parent meetings, and progress records at Christchurch steiner

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I think that some of the most frustrating things about having my step-children at Christchurch rudolph steiner have to be progress interviews with the teachers and getting access (a parent’s right in NZ) to their progress records.

  • Parent/Teacher interviews. In twenty 20 years of teaching in State Schools, I had never seen or heard of such an inadequate level of critical thought with regards to a child’s educational progress. I certainly did not wish to hear what a beginning teacher, 20 years my junior, thought about my step-daughter’s etheric state. Even then he was not confident. He is not qualified to teach new entrant (the toughest job in a school) children, he has an anthroposophical farming degree and spent only one year training to teach secondary. I found that quite insulting to those of us who have our degree’s in education plus experience in the classroom.
  • I asked to see the progress records on all three step-children. For some time (a couple of months) they just refused to respond. So we went to their principal (I use the term loosely) to see why the records were not forth-coming. In the end they gave us some drivel about not needing to keep such records. In the end, we went to Anne Tolley (minister of Education) and the school received a letter from the ministry requesting they (the school) make the records available. They came back with a photo-copied page out of the NZ Curriculum that had a few statements (not their own) highlighted and called that a record of progress and achievement.
  • My main question is, “how come our Government is funding this rubbish?”

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