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Consequences of living anthroposophic

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Having married into an anthroposophical family I got a unique view of the consequences of such a belief. People trapped in alternative medicines that don’t work. One member changed her whole diet based on the results of a test done on one strand of her hair. She did wonder why she felt so bad but didn’t join the dots. All the children had allergies. Diet influenced mainly. These were used as excuses to validate unacceptable behaviour. Turns out all three kids aren’t allergic to anything. Put clear boundaries in place with consequences and all of a sudden, behaviour problems gone. All the members of the family suffer from a weakness of will, courage, commitment and self-belief. Even one who has actually left the cult, still has to deal with the consequences of being anthroposophic. She seriously dislikes that her children are in that school (Christchurch Steiner), but lacks the courage to do anything effective about it.

She is back in the anthroposophical environment, where exclusivity of relationship seems unimportant. Where she receives support to NOT buck a seriously flawed system of living and schooling. Where one is rewarded for looking the other way. Where there is a belief in Planet X and the Moon Man.  Where being white means you are more spiritually advanced. Personal experience can be shocking.

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