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religious apartheid through steiner

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My experience of the steiner community in Christchurch supports the idea that they are a separatist cult. This statement from steiner supports the same idea. Mind you I’m one of the undiscerning and I am a coloured person. Whilst that makes me strong, evidently it makes me stupid. In my opinion the paragraph below validates religious apartheid.

“[T]he process of relating to the public has a spiritual side to it … While many [Waldorf] schools are experiencing unparalleled growth, others suffer increasing overhead costs with the same number of students or even a decrease in enrollment. Tuition income is never sufficient to cover full operating and scholarship expenses … Fundraising activity has become a strenuous way of life for many Waldorf schools … [I]t may happen that a school slowly begins to isolate itself from the local community. It may see itself, and rightly so, as a cultural haven in a disturbingly hostile world … [S]ome institutions may not be able to maintain this posture for long unless there is a well-established, built-in community support system … The connections between the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ work [of a school] are like the ever-changing surfaces of a lemniscate*: a mutually supportive modulation between inner and outer with each surface complementing the other.” — Werner Glas and Cornelius Pietzner, HANDLING PUBLIC RELATIONS – A Guide for Waldorf Schools and Other Organizations (Sunbridge College Press, 1984), pp. 3-6. Read the full article at Waldorf Watch here.

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