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News – Waldorf Watch

“Here’s another example of a Waldorf teacher twisting a Bible story — Abraham and the ram — to find Anthroposophical tenets in it: “[T]he earth comes under the influence of a particular sign of the Zodiac every 2160 years. This period marks the duration of a cultural epoch … The new age of Aries, the ram, began in 747 B.C. … Abraham saw the ram, i.e. he looked forward to the new age; but the ram’s horns were caught in a thicket. Horns are symbols for two centers in the head connected with clairvoyance. When the ram is sacrificed, it means that in the new era men will no longer have the faculty of clairvoyance.” — Roy Wilkisnon, COMMENTARY ON THE OLD TESTAMENT STORIES (Rudolf Steiner College Press, 2001), p. 35. • Once again, we see astrology being imposed on the Bible: the zodiac, the age of Aries, implicitly the sign of the ram… • Steiner claimed that ancient people had natural clairvoyance: This is what allowed them to create “true” myths, fairy tales, and Old Testament stories. But later people evolved to a condition in which most clairvoyant powers have been lost. Fortunately, however, Steiner himself employed “exact clairvoyance” to learn deep spiritual truths, such as the real meaning of the stories in the Bible. • In Waldorf belief, a “cultural epoch” is a period lasting about 2,1600 years — the length of time when a particular sign of the zodiac has its greatest influence. There are also “great epochs” that are much longer. As Wilkinson indicates, the stages of our evolution are closely connected to the astrological powers of the stars. Or so Anthroposophists believe. The sort of “logic” found in Anthroposophy is reflected here. The Bible includes a story about a ram. There’s an astrological sign called the ram. Therefore, the Bible story must be about our evolution through astrologically influenced stages. (For more about the sort of “thinking” encouraged in Waldorf schools, see “Thinking Cap”. For the use of clairvoyance by Waldorf faculty, see “The Waldorf Teacher’s Consciousness”.) [For information about the Waldorf worldview, see The Brief Waldorf / Steiner Encyclopedia. For the context of the Waldorf worldview — the broad fields of occultism, mysticism, and the paranormal — see The Semi-Steiner Dictionary. For previous notable quotes, see “Quotes”. For previous “news,” see the “News Archive”.]”

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September 29, 2011 at 12:58 pm

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