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fossil bay steiner kindergarten (Waiheke)

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I was interested to read the “Mission Statement” from the kindergarten “fossil Bay.” As usual, the part about their insistence that clairvoyance is an alternative to state education, and that they are using the philosophy/religion/cult of anthroposophy to background their educational pedagogy has been omitted from the somewhat cheesy picture they are attempting to paint for us all. All beauty and very little substance.

“Our purpose is to create and sustain a nurturing community of inspired children (unless the child is somewhat of an individual and doesn’t conform to their ideal), teachers and parents in order to provide a modern anthrophosophically based education in a physical and emotional environment that facilitates the unfolding of each child’s full potential (the level of conformity to the anthroposophical ideal of inspiration and emotional safety is laughable – just ask questions, and you will see a definite withdrawal of friendship and community, you will be labelled as rebellious, uncooperative and spiritually inferior.  The community will be built on strong values, clear communication and respectful partnership.”

update re my step-daughter

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Had CYFS go look at my 7 year old who has become quite depressed over Christchurch Steiner’s refusal to teach her to read due to her “reincarnative state.” Still no joy. While they agree,  she is depressed, it’s not their task to do something about it.  Have to take on the Ministry of Education next. It’s difficult to get them to look into it. So far Anne Tolley has ignored our approaches.

Written by wiremu shane

September 2, 2011 at 8:51 am