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So concerned did he become that he took his children to be assessed by educational psychologists. The results shocked him. Matthew, when first examined in 1994, was judged to have an average IQ of 101 but was considered to be “seriously disabled in terms of literacy acquisition, with his reading and spelling lying a full three years below his chronological age”. Less than two years later, Matthew was retested. The educational psychologist found him to have “flourished” outside the Steiner system; his retested IQ was now 124. (Confidence can make a difference to a child’s scores on intelligence tests.)

Read more here.  by CASSANDRA JARDINE, Education section, The Daily Telegraph

This is the kind of thing that has been happening to my step-daughter at Christchurch steiner school. It has had a huge impact on her self-esteem. She started as a five year old who was bursting at the seams to learn. Now she has a private tutor. She is slowly learning but has no confidence in her ability no matter what we say and do. What Christchurch steiner has done to her is immoral and abusive.