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steiner racism clearly laid out…..

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3 races

A photocopy of p. 51, VOM LEBEN DES MENSCHEN UND DER ERDE, showing Steiner’s description of three human races.  Blacks (Schwarz) [that’s me, I’m out of Africa and I haven’t become copper-red either] are characterized by the rear brain (Hinterhirn), and they live primarily through their drives or urges [that’s good to know about myself. I thought I was thinking, hence this blog] (Triebleben). If they leave their proper place on Earth (i.e., Africa), they may become copper-red (Kupferrot) and die out. [we’re still alive] “Yellows” (Gelb, i.e., Asians) are characterized by the middle brain (Mittelhirn), and they live mainly in their emotions [hitler seemed to live through his emotions. He was an aryan too](Gefühlsleben).  If they leave Asia, they may become brown (Braun) and die out. [lots of asians here, we have some in our family. yet to turn brown and die] Whites (Weiss) are characterized by the forebrain (Vorderhirn), and they place emphasis on thinking [yep, thought their way to Auschwitz and Treblinka, so advanced(Denkleben). They are pretty much free to go where they please. [not in this world, without keeping their mouths shut]  Some of the other material on the page is also interesting. For instance, “The black man is an egotist [seems to me that it was ‘steiner’ who was an egotist. Most anthropops I have met fit the bill most clearly](Der Schwarze is ein Egoist) who absorbs all light and warmth (der nimmt Licht und alle Wärme auf).”  Steiner explains that the dark skin of “Schwarzes” drinks in sunlight, which is why Negroes are overheated internally [he was serious?]. Anthroposophists rarely translate this material into English or discuss it outside their private gatherings.

Golgotha (steiner)

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Wellspring: And the Veda was made flesh, and dwelt among us

Rudolf Steiner, February 18, 1923:

“The Mystery of Golgotha stands at the center of the whole human evolution on Earth. The fact that the Mystery of Golgotha entered history at a moment when the Greeks strove to set forth the divine in man from an external aspect, from the aspect of the Earth, as it were, should not be considered as a historical coincidence. We might say, and this is more than a poetical image: The Greeks had to set forth the divine in man artistically, out of the ingredients of the Earth, and the cosmos sent down to the Earth the God who entered man, as a cosmic answer to the wonderful question sent out into the world’s spaces, as it were, by the Greeks. In the historical development we may sense, as it were, that with their humanly portrayed gods the Greeks addressed the following question to the universe: Can Man become a God? And the universe replied: God can become Man. This reply was given through the event of the Mystery of Golgotha.”

Then there is this article on Golgotha from Wikipedia. Here is the “Biblical” attitude to Golgotha. Think about what is and has been said. steiner sure pushes the envelope with his clarvoyance.

bullying at Christchurch steiner school

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My step-son and a friend were being bullied at school, both physically and by exclusion. I never found out the reasons for it. It seems that it was just their turn. They went to the staff on duty to see if they would put a stop to the bullying but were told to run along. NOTHING was done to support them. In the end, my step–son and his friend became frustrated and fearful. They took matters into their own hands and dealt with the bullies themselves. The upshot of that. My step-son and his friend were stood down from school for three days. The bullies did not incur any consequences.

What messages does that send to the boys and their parents?

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September 3, 2011 at 10:54 am


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Consequences  are what happens as a natural extension of your actions. They are an opportunity for you and your children to learn a lesson. Using a child’s actions, inaction or poor decision to provide consequences good and bad, means that your child has a chance to learn from the experience. Punishment is about retribution and there are very few chances to learn anything but how to avoid punishment.

Think about what consequences you will use. What goal do you have in mind? What is to be learned?

Good luck.

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August 30, 2011 at 9:40 am

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