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steiner school off hook over standards

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The Taikura Rudolf Steiner school community has been reassured by the Minister of Education, Anne Tolley, that they can rest easy over National Standards and the future of their school. The Hastings school was one of hundreds throughout the country opposed to the controversial new directive, but in June cried foul when a letter from Ms Tolley urged them to comply or face legal action, and potentially lose government funding.

Protest was rife since the forced compliance, and included a large presence of parents at Prime Minister John Key’s Napier meeting.Last month, after a meeting with concerned Taikura parents, Tukituki MP Craig Foss wrote to Ms Tolley on their behalf, and received a reply on Thursday he said alleviated many of their concerns. Read more here on Hawkes Bay Today.

Well done John Key! Buckling to this type of educational philosophy in Aotearoa NZ is just what our children need. Obviously you are either a steiner proponent or your researching is somewhat cursory. The question needs to be asked. Why don’t steiner schools have to be accountable to the ministry for their delivery of ‘education’ (I use the word advisedly) in Aotearoa NZ?

election issue

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One of my concerns is the election issue, electoral reform. I believe that returning to ‘first past the post’ as a way of deciding government disenfranchises many people especially from education. The proliferation of waldorf/steiner schools is just one example of the issue. People are looking to the spiritual sciences to provide them with answers to their concerns. There are of course bonafide educational issues that need our support and more of the treasury vote to enable really good programmes like this.

Money wasted by the government funding crazy stuff like this is exactly that. A waste of tax payer’s dollars.

Quote of the Day 

“In the course of our whole evolution we have seven Planetary conditions: Saturn, Sun, Moon, Earth, Jupiter, Venus, Vulcan … [W]e stand exactly in the middle of our Earthly evolution. This is frequently felt to be something extraordinarily important for man. We have behind us three Planets … and the same number still lie before us. But if we were standing on the Old Moon, we should see yet another Planetary condition before Saturn; if we were standing on future Jupiter we should no longer see Saturn, but in its place a Planet beyond Vulcan.” — Rudolf Steiner, FOUNDATIONS OF ESOTERICISM (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1982), lecture 26, GA 93a.

Experiences with Christchurch rudolph steiner.

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One  of my more interesting experiences with Christchurch steiner education, is their insistence on importing their main lesson books from Europe. They say it’s about the quality of the paper.  We found NZ made books the same size, the same quality,  but because they were local, they cost a lot less than the imported ones currently used. It was interesting to see that discussed, especially as they (steiner) are supposedly proponents of “buy local, get your footprint down, don’t use technology, be ecologically  aware, make sustainable choices.” Then they all jump in their SUV’s and drive home!

  • Do they have a deal with an anthroposophical dealer of said lesson books?
  • Are they using misrepresentation of themselves to gain more students and therefore a larger slice of the education vote from the treasury benches?
  • Should we as a Nation allow such obvious religious education from a Nation we opposed because of the spiritual dearth of morals displayed at the same time that anthroposophy was dreamed up?
  • Our Government funding of education is meant for a secular system. Those who want a religious education are entitled, but  do the rest of us have to pay for it?

This opinion is based on actual experience. It is definitely a concern.