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anthroposophy in schools

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A quote from an article on this blog by James Gray.

“Critics claim this is disingenuous. ‘Of course it’s imposed,’ says one former Steiner parent who now campaigns against the movement under the Twitter pseudonym Thetis. anthroposophy informs every aspect of the curriculum, the colours on the walls, the behaviour of staff, the festivals, the morning prayer and verse.’ Steiner pupils are ‘marinaded’ in anthroposophy, she says, and naive parents are tricked into colluding.”

From an article in the Times.

For steiner teachers and school leaders to say that anthroposophy is not forced into the children in their institutions is a downright untruth. The truth is, they (the school) work very hard at fitting all the students into the pigeon hole that is anthroposophy. Those who won’t conform are soon sent on their way by the  community through exclusion.

That’s my experience.

Written by wiremu shane

September 4, 2011 at 11:44 am