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steiner anthropocentric paranoia

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Living in ahrimanic times From Wellspring 

ahrimanic anthropop paranoia

Heads firmly in the sand, blocking themselves off from the rest of the world, telling themselves how informed and full of love they are. In reality, they are a frightened, paranoid, judgemental, unforgiving, secretive, ignorant, racist, idiotic bunch of looney toons who believe in planet nibura (x) and the moon man. Everything, from education to science to spirituality is seriously misinformed and basically incorrect. How anyone in the 21st century could fall for this cult is a real surprise to me. Sadly, I guess there’s something in the eurocentric aryan mindset that just won’t let them be.

steiner racism clearly laid out…..

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3 races

A photocopy of p. 51, VOM LEBEN DES MENSCHEN UND DER ERDE, showing Steiner’s description of three human races.  Blacks (Schwarz) [that’s me, I’m out of Africa and I haven’t become copper-red either] are characterized by the rear brain (Hinterhirn), and they live primarily through their drives or urges [that’s good to know about myself. I thought I was thinking, hence this blog] (Triebleben). If they leave their proper place on Earth (i.e., Africa), they may become copper-red (Kupferrot) and die out. [we’re still alive] “Yellows” (Gelb, i.e., Asians) are characterized by the middle brain (Mittelhirn), and they live mainly in their emotions [hitler seemed to live through his emotions. He was an aryan too](Gefühlsleben).  If they leave Asia, they may become brown (Braun) and die out. [lots of asians here, we have some in our family. yet to turn brown and die] Whites (Weiss) are characterized by the forebrain (Vorderhirn), and they place emphasis on thinking [yep, thought their way to Auschwitz and Treblinka, so advanced(Denkleben). They are pretty much free to go where they please. [not in this world, without keeping their mouths shut]  Some of the other material on the page is also interesting. For instance, “The black man is an egotist [seems to me that it was ‘steiner’ who was an egotist. Most anthropops I have met fit the bill most clearly](Der Schwarze is ein Egoist) who absorbs all light and warmth (der nimmt Licht und alle Wärme auf).”  Steiner explains that the dark skin of “Schwarzes” drinks in sunlight, which is why Negroes are overheated internally [he was serious?]. Anthroposophists rarely translate this material into English or discuss it outside their private gatherings.

Truth – Waldorf Watch

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Truth – Waldorf Watch. Quite a complete turn around for an ex steinie. I was pleased to read that someone else had got out.

Written by wiremu shane

September 30, 2011 at 7:17 pm

the magic of reality

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Here is an interesting article by Richard Dawkins. I’m not suggesting this is it. But it makes for a refreshing change.

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September 28, 2011 at 4:36 pm

for those of us who are undiscerning

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This ugly little statement about anyone not anthroposophic being undiscerning sits at the fundamental weakness of their argument. Anyone who says there way or no way has to be suspect. Thanks to Waldorf Watch for watching.

“The problem then is how does an Anthroposophist differentiate his/her spirituality from all the fundies out there? To the undiscerning mind, and Anthroposophist may be no different to a Scientologist for example – they both talk about spirit and use the word science in their creedo.”

Written by wiremu shane

September 27, 2011 at 3:40 pm