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steiner anthropocentric paranoia

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Living in ahrimanic times From Wellspring 

ahrimanic anthropop paranoia

Heads firmly in the sand, blocking themselves off from the rest of the world, telling themselves how informed and full of love they are. In reality, they are a frightened, paranoid, judgemental, unforgiving, secretive, ignorant, racist, idiotic bunch of looney toons who believe in planet nibura (x) and the moon man. Everything, from education to science to spirituality is seriously misinformed and basically incorrect. How anyone in the 21st century could fall for this cult is a real surprise to me. Sadly, I guess there’s something in the eurocentric aryan mindset that just won’t let them be.

being in charge of a school

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“People who run schools should be properly trained teachers.” This from

My daughter’s teacher in class one at Christchurch rudolph steiner is not qualified. He holds a degree in farming (probably biodynamic, not sure about that). So far meetings with him have been a hodge podge of esoteric mumblings and steiner clairvoyant musings. He has told us some outrageous things which have been commented on before and only surpassed by the idiocies put forward by the school’s pet anthroposophical doctor (I use the term ‘doctor’ advisedly).  I am totally shocked at how the school gets passed the quality control system (ERO) in Aotearoa NZ.