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pedagogy for class one in a steiner school

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Class 1: Little or no reading. “It is a mistake to try to learn to read before learning to write.” [11] Children can play with illustrated books having moving parts. “The themes of these are fairy stories, seasons, nature.” The kids can also be exposed to “such delightful creations as “The Song of the Elfin Miller” … and “The Fairies”.

From Waldorf Watch HERE

I know 6-7 year olds who have not been taught a thing about reading in class one. I accept that it is fine for some children. But not for children who are eager to learn. Christchurch rudolph steiner do not differentiate between children. They employ a ‘one size fits all’ methodology that failed my wife, her sister, and several of their friends. Now it’s some of their children.

Written by wiremu shane

September 4, 2011 at 9:20 pm